“Be the best you can be” 

I woke up one morning at the start of 2015 thinking that I wanted a bit of a makeover. Life, this time though. Although that sounds drastic, I took some time to decide what I wanted to do, and planned out my goals of this year. Rather than being resolutions though, they are the ways in which I want to start living my life, as I truly believe I will be happier and healthier if I do so. Furthermore I actually want to revamp myself in these ways, which is a brilliant feeling, as I usually feel a sense of duty, pressure or confusion over all things mind, body and fitness.

The aim is to empower myself and hopefully others to believe in ourselves and ensure we are happy and fulfilled, in whichever way we choose to be!

These three things are all connected, which is why for me, life makeover sounds like a good description, particularly as I know that I want to work on each aspect in detail. It seems as though it is so difficult to get it right, but this doesn’t have to be the case. I want to take everything back to a simplistic form; I believe it makes this easier to follow, and removes needless complexity. More than anything I need to take the time to consider what I’m doing, as it can be so easy to rush over or forget the importance of taking care of oneself. It’s also so important to make sure you are doing what’s right for you.

Own your own ideas
Everyone is different. In my opinion there is little point in finding an existing routine/diet/plan to follow and mirroring it. Draw on inspiration from as many sources as you want, and do what is best for you, your body and your mind.

Mind image over body image
How easy it is to feel that you should be and look a certain way. Steer clear of those thoughts and do things for yourself. It is so important to have the right attitude to what you want to do. It is OK to be happy with your choice, no matter how unusual.

Let go for a while
Think about what you want - it’s the best chance you will have at achieving it. With an end goal you truly want to achieve, the journey is an enjoyable path.

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