Sunday, 18 January 2015

Rest Day

I'm speaking of a 'rest day' in a different way than you might expect. It's not part of my fitness or exercise regime (something that needs a revamp in the next few weeks!), but rather a pause in what has been a non stop week of work, travel and flat hunting.

I don’t do rest days of doing absolutely nothing though - I think it’s a waste of time even if I am exhausted! Instead I’d rather do something that makes me happy, so today I went to one of my favourite places and enjoyed some of my favourite things.

During my time at university I spent so many days in London’s Imperial War Museum. It’s my favourite museum and one of the most interesting places. A lot has changed since I visited last and I had been meaning to go for a while. The perfect place to wander on a Sunday.

On my way back I stopped at a French cafe I have wanted to try for ages and had some of their fabulous fresh tomato soup and a little mushroom tartlet. French pastry I know, isn't known for its health properties but it's not about having to force yourself to diet for me, I just fancied a little treat.

I'm writing this post now with some of my favourite positive background music on (thanks Youtube!) and a cup of tea, before I start packing for my business trip tomorrow. So important to take the time when you know there are busy days ahead.

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