Sunday, 18 January 2015

Business trip munchies

One place it can be extremely hard to stay healthy is when travelling, either personally or with with work - at least for me. You can’t bring your own food, it’s so hard to eat healthily on the go, and if you’re in a city there are so many tempting restaurants about.

Yesterday I had an overnight work trip and managed to stay focused on being healthy throughout. It can be so easy to grab something full of sugar from the train station, or have a much heavier evening meal than you usually would, simply because the option is there. The cooked breakfasts that accompany almost every hotel also don’t do much to curb the temptation.

I try my hardest to be healthy anyway (although I do slip up), but in line with my new leaf - this time I wasn’t going to allow it. My main weakness, especially on trips is a glass of wine (more on this later). I know those arguments exist that red wine can be good for you, but I don’t believe it and don’t want to start thinking that way. I don’t drink that often anymore, and indulging in an occasional small glass of red isn’t something I will deny myself, but it is something I need to think more on.

With this exception, I’m pleased with my first trip of this year being a good start and I felt happy and energised as a result.

Unfortunately, my hotel had a very limited selection of largely unhealthy choices, so I took myself off to Strada for better options. I love avocado so this take on the tricolore starter had to be ordered! It was so fresh, and although there’s mozzarella, I reminded myself that it is full of calcium, protein and B6!

I know descriptions of food aren’t always the most thrilling but I have to share how amazing this salad was - spinach, butternut squash, lentils, plum and sun dried tomatoes, and goats cheese. Seriously gorgeous. I even managed to keep up a good breakfast for the day ahead (excluding most of those veggie sausages as they were breadcrumbed and stodgy)!

I plan on keeping this up going forward; it wasn’t even difficult, it’s just previously been so easy to fall into bad habits of too much, bad food - especially when work is paying.

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