Sunday, 18 January 2015

Goals, aims and aspirations

So the whole point of the writing, the change of mindset and trying to act upon it was to make me feel happier, better about myself and more fulfilled in any and every way. On reflection 2014 was a great year but that doesn’t mean I can’t do things differently and a little better this year.

I have 3 goals for my 2015 journey, as well as some aims and things I hope to achieve over the course of the year.

1. A clearer mind
This year is the time when I will start to take active time out of my day and schedule to reflect, and take care of my mind. I know I can make time for this, after thinking about it and starting work on this for a few days I feel happy and energised. Often through music, meditation or writing I will learn the best ways to practise mindfulness and benefit from this.

2. An enjoyable routine
For the first time in a long time, my life shouldn’t get uprooted this year, and I believe this will be a good thing for me. I get bored easily, I always need to be doing something and so a routine will be an excellent way to channel this. I want to take my first goal into consideration as part of this routine, as well as nutrition (especially getting back into a kitchen of my own, and being more regimented in my diet), exercise, and making sure that the way I choose to live this routine works for me.

3. Physical wellbeing
Really, all three goals go hand in hand. Here I want to find a ‘diet’ that suits me, one that I might take from a number of sources and make my own, and one that I want to follow and not just feel obliged to.
Honestly, I don’t like typical gym exercise. I enjoy walking, cycling and swimming and will do more of this going forward. I also want to strengthen myself by having more involvement in yoga and core exercises.

I also intend to do the following. One way or another, they all seem to fit into my goals above:

  • Cook experimentally and discover new and healthy meals
  • Learn how to meditate correctly
  • Enrol in yoga classes near my new home
  • Find a way to keep routine when travelling with work
  • Spend 2 weeks in France learning about language & food
  • Spend some time trying out different diets (wheat free, dairy free, vegan)
  • Give some serious thought to who I admire and why
  • Find my stress triggers and learn how to deal with them
  • Write more letters
  • Find a new exercise that I really enjoy

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