Sunday, 8 February 2015

Feeling Fishy

The home cooking continues! I am trying (without difficulty) to avoid meat, but for the moment, I just cannot let fish go. I love it so much and I do think that I eat it in the right way. You will rarely catch me in a chippie even though I am Welsh!

I've made the following fishy dishes in the last week or so, and both went down well with my family! I wanted to share especially because I'm conscious that all I've posted so far are veggie options, and whilst I love veg - it has to be said that fish is packed full of super goodness.

Salmon - My favourite fish, and luckily for me, a healthy favourite. Apparently considered 'brain food', and an excellent source of high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids (contribute to healthy brain function, heart, joints and general wellbeing

Prawns - A good low fat protein source. Calcium and vitamin E for healthy skin, teeth and bones. They do have a high sodium content which is a shame because there is a lot of goodness in them!

Cod - I found an entry for cod on a site called 'The world's healthiest foods', which I can only see as a good sign! Once again, low calorie source of protein with lots of cardiovascular benefits. An omega-3 rich diet also improves mood and reduces depression and surprisingly, protects against sunburn!

My newest fishy recipes...

Prawn & Cod Stew

This was taken from The Hairy Bikers diet book that I bought a couple of years ago. I really like their books because it's more about portion control (something I need to master!) and enjoying good food in a sensible way, rather than cutting everything out and gorging on salad.

This stew had onion, garlic, potato, green beans, yellow peppers, tomatoes, and of course a lovely helping of prawns and cod. It was incredibly tasty and filling, thanks to the potatoes, which although aren't super healthy, certainly win for me over bread, pasta and rice in terms of stodginess, bloating and general bulk!

Baked Salmon & Layered Vegetables

I took this vegetable bake from one of my mum's recipe books and thought it would go really well with salmon. The bake looked a little strange when it came out of the oven; it seemed like it might be too dry, but it wasn't at all - so lovely and fresh!

I layered very thin slices of potato, leek and tomato in a dish, adding peas and finally pouring a vegetable stock over the top. There were some herbs and spices in there too for more flavour. The salmon was baked - it's my favourite way of cooking salmon and one of the healthiest since there are no other oils or fats being added to it to help it cook. I actually poached the cod in the recipe above which I hadn't done before, and the fish was lovely like that also. This time I added some black pepper and dill which finished it off deliciously. I am loving my veggies at the moment, but for now, the fish has got to stay too!

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  1. Everything looks yummy! I absolutely love shrimp but my husband hates seafood ((what!!!)) so I don't cook shrimp as often as I'd like at home. So whenever I go out to eat shrimp is the first thing I order!! ;)



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