Monday, 2 February 2015

January Favourites

The first month of a new year... always refreshing! This month has all been about planning this new blog and my 2015 journey, getting excited for moving into my new place next month, and getting stuck into a really important phase in work! Here are some of my favourite things from this month.

1. Mindful App - Just as an introduction, I downloaded a couple of mindfulness and meditation apps on my iPhone to get me started. There are daily sessions to follow, which form part of a programme, as well as various practices of different lengths and types, depending on what you're looking for. It also allows you to pause at various times in the day for a short reflection, this is probably the best part as you can complete it anywhere, and usually only for a few seconds.

2. Flaxseed - Because of my current lack of kitchen, it can be quite hard to get the healthy kick I want and need (3 weeks and counting until my new home is ready!). Until then, I still make sure to use any and all of the easy nutritional boosts I can. I love the Linseed flaxseed and goji berry mix - I mix it into my porridge in the mornings. It's full of protein, fibre, vitamins and antioxidants - and its quite yummy.

3. Gossip Girl - Somehow I've been re-watching this series through January. I'm such a huge fan - it's probably my TV guilty pleasure! When it's cold and rainy and horrible outside, there's nothing better than staying in with back to back Gossip Girl episodes and a cup of tea!

4. Pure Foods - Pure is a great lunchtime spot I've recently found close to my office. I love their selection of wholesome, freshly made food. A lot of it is super healthy, and my current favourite is their thai green lentil soup, made with spinach and coconut

5. Clarins Facial Oil - I have the weirdest skin - dry, yet congested, and London doesn't make it any better. Although it's still not at its best, Clarins rebalancing oil really helps me (I use Blue Orchid). They are completely natural pure plant oils which I love; there can be so many chemicals in facial products now, the natural something is the better, especially when it's going all over your face. Even though these are oils, they don't make skin greasy because they rebalance to the way your skin should be feeling.

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  1. oh, i love your favourites! it's actually inspired me to eat a little better this week!

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