Sunday, 1 February 2015

Just call me Miss Nutritionist

Exciting news!

I've just signed up to complete a Nutritionist Training course; a certified course teaching the role of nutrition in the body. I'm very excited - I'd been thinking a little bit about doing something like this, but hadn't really got around to it yet. My mum told me about one she saw, and when we then looked it up - it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for!

I might be keen on taking this even further, but this course will be a great introduction. It's all online, and providing I pass the final exam, I can wave around my Certificate in Nutrition with pride!

The company that runs this course, Diet Specialist, are a team of registered dieticians and nutritionists who not only run this course, but also provide individual consultations, business support, seminars and workshops, and health centre services. They have a scientific approach that I completely agree with, helping people to understand health and wellbeing. Here are their six steps:

Detoxify your body
On starting a healthy eating regime, an initial a detox programme cleanses the body from toxins, provides you with energy and helps you feel revitalised and prepares your body for a tailored diet.

Plan a new and effective diet
Having explored your current diet & lifestyle habits, introduce foods that are tailored according to the glycemic index and their pH balance, with an appropriate calorie content and set at suitable portions & frequency.

Tailor your diet to specific needs
Everyone has their own dietary needs hence your diet should be tailored according to food sensitivities, allergies and intolerances, and for all other health conditions.

Increase your metabolism
Measuring your metabolic rate & identifying which foods slow it down, understanding how to increase metabolism and developing a tailored exercise regime.

Incorporate new lifestyle habits
Successful weight loss is often driven by lifestyle changes, we can help with practical tips on shopping, cooking and eating out, psychological tips to change behaviour and dealing with binges and cravings.

Provide tools to understand nutrition
Not only will we help you to lose weight, but we will provide you with tools such as guidance on interpreting food labels, advice on marketing terminology such as low fat, light & no added sugar and knowledge of ingredients such as E-Nos.

I am so excited to get started, I'm really interested in health and making sure my body is strong and well - this seems like a brilliant way to get started! I will be keeping you posted!

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