Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Breathe and Reboot

I really don't like not having anything to do. In work, I'm usually really busy and it doesn't often make me feel negative, I enjoy having challenges to face and getting stuff done. It's great that this sort of lifestyle doesn't obviously bother me, but it's probably one of the reasons why I haven't addressed having the right kind of 'down time' before. Because I didn't consider myself as needing it.

I think it's safe to say that everyone definitely needs it. Although I'm coping fine in work, after a fortnight of a fairly solid new routine involving mindfulness and consideration, I've come back to my family home and just ended up doing different things, not having time, and falling out of that pattern. I already feel a bit under the weather and out of sorts. Even after just two weeks I am out of my comfort zone, because I have learned to appreciate mindfulness so much already. It is interesting that when something works for you, and genuinely makes you feel together and controlled, just how quickly it changes you when for whatever reason you loose the routine of it.

I believe that ensuring you have this time to feel refreshed, even if its just a few minutes a day, in whichever form works personally for you is a must do. From my perspective it makes me more aware, focused, happy and concentrated. As I mentioned it even means I don't feel run down or unwell.

Even though this is completely against my nutrition aims this year, I think I need it for my well-being - nothing wrong with a bit of a treat when you're not feeling 100%, and for me - hot chocolate is the way to go. Having said that I do have an upcoming post about healthy treats which to me are nearly as good!

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