Saturday, 24 January 2015

Under the sea

A huge weakness of mine is eating out. I love finding new restaurants and trying new food, and London is such a brilliant place to do it. In keeping with my 2015 plan, I will endeavour to eat out a little less (because it’s never always going to be healthy, no matter how hard I try), and to try my best to take care of my body when I do have an evening out.

Eating out is something I really enjoy, so I’m not going to stop doing it, but so is cooking - and once I have my own kitchen again I think the temptation to cook wonderful delicious creations will be distraction enough. Also I think the obscene London rent prices will play their role!

Luckily for me, and a big help on the way to health and happiness, I rarely crave burgers, fries or pizza. Not that I don’t have weaknesses of my own of course, but I do love trying new things. This week, I visited a wonderful oyster bar with some friends from university and had some amazing food that wasn’t very damaging at all (except for the wine, but like I’ve said before.. that will soon be addressed!)

This fantastic oyster bar is in Borough Market. I’ve had oysters before, but this time I had them baked with spinach and they were excellent. I’m sure that they are not liked by everyone, but I adore all seafood and these are so healthy - low in fat and calories, high in protein, iron and omega 3 fatty acids.

Followed swiftly by mussels which have a very similar nutrition content and are just as delicious! I try to avoid bread so had some new potatoes with these - not quite so bad for me as I first thought, however they did come with butter. I’m pleased to have stuck to my attempts to avoid wheat, and try something rather healthy but still exciting. On to the next London discovery!

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