Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Desk Food #1

I work in central London so finding something for breakfast, lunch or dinner isn’t a problem. Finding something healthy however can be more of a challenge. For me personally it’s because of the price and the temptation to have one of the 100 other things staring at me from shelves (£3.99 Chicken Burger meal vs £5 green juice?).

Another thing that I find difficult is the extent to which one can ‘eat healthily’ now. Last year I think I took it so far that I just couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn’t be bothered, it got me so tempted into eating anything bad that I ruined it. For me personally, it takes too much time to follow one of the ‘diets’ that have become popular now. I have so much respect for everyone who does, but for me it’s just not practical. I couldn’t survive on juice meal replacements, I would be far too bored doing a raw diet, and the healthy pretty foods that so many healthy bloggers post now take too much time, effort and money! And if I’m honest, none of that makes me happy, it makes me feel like I am just conforming.

I always try hard to eat healthily at work although it can be expensive as currently I rarely take my own food. I've decided to document what I believe to be healthy option ‘work food’ choices, and how they made me feel. I will also do those where I didn’t buy my meals and rather brought them myself, as this will be the most common option for me going forward!

1. Breakfast was porridge made with water and a little soya milk, topped with raisins. I had a normal caffeinated tea but once again with soya milk (I don’t think one in the morning does any harm). I didn’t end up eating the banana until much later in the day as I was so full from the porridge - which demonstrates one of its benefits!

2. I appreciate this isn’t strictly food, but I love dissolvable vitamin C tablets - they are the only supplements I ever take and they work wonders for me.

3. Itsu is one of my favourite places to eat, I adore sushi but all that rice didn’t make it suitable for this post. I had a tuna and salmon sashimi salad with miso soup (one of my favourites).

4. I don’t tend to have a snack in the afternoon, but as I visited Itsu I couldn’t walk past their seaweed thins without grabbing some. They are high in salt, but this isn’t about the perfect healthy day, it’s just my opinion; and the seaweed itself is so good for you, full of iron, calcium and B12. I avoided caffeine in the afternoon with a peppermint tea!

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