Sunday, 25 January 2015


I love reading. Books, yes but magazines also. I've seen Psychologies a few times before, but I never really stopped to look at what it was. This time though, the headline grabbed my attention; Be Happier in 2015. I flicked through and decided to buy it, because it seemed to feature a lot of things I either agreed with, or wanted to learn more about.

The cover story, focusing on happiness, and the perception of happiness was such an interesting read. I think they are correct in suggesting that the stories we think should make us happy often belong to someone else. It's this idea of what is right, what is the best, and what life should be that can get in the way of what people really want. Their best suggestion was to identify the things that make you happy and build them into your routine - even if it's things as small as a favourite TV programme or talking to one of your friends.

It's interesting to think about the fact that other emotions can make you happy - ambition and purpose might not feel particularly joyful on a daily basis but if it's a long term drive then clearly it works for some people. It's not necessarily about smiling all day every day, but finding out what you want and what puts you in a positive mood. Even before reading this I believed that self discovery and identity is crucial; and making sure that it works for you.

I wanted to share one of Psychologies' brilliant ideas, mainly because I think it would truly work, but also because I think the example they have used would work on me, and I intend to give it a try. Once again it's about building the things that make you happy into your life in some, small ways. Here's the suggestion when it's novels & reading that makes you tick...

  • Put books in every room in your house
  • Set your web browser to
  • Make a date to go to a literary event with a friend who shares your love of reading once a month
  • Join a facebook book club.

I'm going to do these, as well as think of some others related to my other interests, and look forward to reporting back on how well it's working out.

Reading this turned out to be the perfect activity for a Sunday afternoon. I had a cup of herbal tea and zoned into this beautiful Tibetan healing music, and felt ready and calmed for the week ahead.

I think I'd decided to make Psychologies a permanent fixture as soon as I'd read the editor's letter. She seemed to echo everything I want my year/life/blog to represent.
"I want to focus on being happy in the now. That means focusing on the details, to create a daily routine that supports me, to be more present, love more, obsess less, and, of course, eat good food with people I adore."                          - Suzy Greaves 

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  1. Jess, I love your blog. One of the few ones I actually enjoy reading as opposed to just looking at the pictures. Can't wait for us to travel and blog together :)


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