Sunday, 18 January 2015

My new abode

I’ve been in London for a couple of months and am now finally about to get settled in my new apartment. It’s such perfect timing for me to start my 2015 goals with a lovely new environment that’s just mine (well, and my flat mates!). I’ve been staying with family and it’s been brilliant, but it will be great to get back to what I am used to, have my own space, and do what I want with it.

My home, and my room are really important to me. I need them to be perfect and warming, because I love spending time there. I intend to get hold of a couple of things to make my new place my own, and to make sure it reflects my journey.

I’ve put together a wish list, and what I hope is a realistic one. There’s not much point on me planning to spend lots of time and money that I don’t have. I adore all the items below, and I plan to grab myself at least a few of these before I move in!

1. Belledorm Duvet Cover Set - I love white bedding. Now that I've seen that the room already has a pale bedframe and colour scheme, it will fit perfectly!
2. Vintage Collection Candle HolderCandles in my room are a must have - this holder is pretty and minimalist. 
3. Nordic House White MirrorI really like this company and the Nordic style. Probably from spending too much time around this lovely lady!
4. Paris map printProbably my favourite place in the world. Can't have enough reminders or memories of this beautiful city. Looking forward to being back there later this year.
5. Glass Jewellery BoxI keep all my jewellery in its original box, but I tend to wear the same two or three things every day and then just leave them out on the side. The day I almost lost a diamond earring from my mum made me realise I needed something like this.
6. She Believed Cushion - Scatter cushions look so pretty on the bed, especially if it's a neutral colour underneath. I loved this quote.
7. Space.NK Healing Candle - A scented candle or two is a must have. I love that this is a healing candle that brings passion and happiness.
8. Safe Travels Buddha Incense HolderI've burned incense for a long time and fancy an updated holder. This takes me back to my Hong Kong trip in October!
9. Stripe BedspreadAgain, the simplicity of a neutral room means pretty accessories. Being cozy in bed is a must.

I'll be sure to share when I'm all moved in!

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